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Friday, December 1, 2017 9:06 AM

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Online Booking
Click here to book your trip online with our secure 128 bit encripted form.

Pick Up and Return
Service provided from hotels, motels and terminals. Special arrangements can be made for private addresses - Fee may apply.

Single Supplements
Persons occupying a single room will be required to pay a single room price. Single booking cannot be accepted on a twin share basis.

Alpha Specialty Tours

We have the rights reserved to alter fares, arrange alternative transport, tour routes, services and accommodation.

We will not be responsible for any property loss/damage and/or from any damage resulting in personal injury or death, which may arise whilst on tour or when utilising any other service provided by Alpha Specialty Tours.

We will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting in activities beyond its control such as fire, machinery breakdown, civil disturbances, theft, delays or itinerary changes that may incur additional expense that have been brought about by circumstances beyond Alpha Specialty Tours' control.

Refunds cannot be made for unused tour portions.

Tour Costs

The cost of the tour will be divided equally amongst all members of the tour group: These  are the business operational costs of Alpha Speciality Tours

Accommodation, transport, entry fees into all major tourist attractions will be covered. Activities such as bungy jumping sky diving and other optional activities/tours will not be covered.

Breakfast at all Motels/ Hotels wil be covered but not lunches or dinners.

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